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'''Friedrich Gustav Maximilian Schreck''' is the actor who played Count [[Orlok]].
'''Friedrich Gustav Max Schreck'''<ref name=Eickhoff>[[#Eickhoff|Eickhoff, Stefan. 2007]]</ref> (6 September 1879 &ndash; 20 February 1936)<ref name=Brill/><ref name=Walk>[[#Walk|Walk, Ines. 2006]].</ref><ref>All reliable sources agree as to Schreck's actual date of birth and date of death.([[#Brill|Brill, Olaf. 2004]], [[#Walk|Walk, Ines. 2006]]) However, at least until 9 March 2009 the [[Internet Movie Database]] had incorrect and self-contradictory details. ([ IMDB bio]: "Date of Birth: 6 September 1879," ... "born on June 11, 1879" ... "Date of Death 26 November 1936," ... "death from a heart attack on February 19, 1936")</ref> was a [[Germany|German]] [[actor]]. He is most often remembered today for his lead role in the film ''[[Nosferatu]]'' (1922).

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Friedrich Gustav Maximilian Schreck is the actor who played Count Orlok.