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I would like to request to have all my Nosferatu in Venice contributions restored. I see no policy or logic that indicates that this wiki only covers the original movie and its 1979 remake and absolutely nothing else. Those contributions were just as valid as everything else I've added. Those articles had about the same amount of information as all my other articles that still remain. Comic book and novel articles remain, none of which had anything to do the original movie's creators as Nosfertu entered the public domain years ago. As a token of goodwill, I have started many more essential articles and tons of photos and art. I am this wiki's friend, before I came there was nothing.

I would also like to point out that you have left real vandalism on the Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror page about yoga for a long time. While my valid pages and rare stills that I bothered converting to png format and can't get back do to losing my everything on my hardrive were deleted.

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